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Our Wildlife Control Services

Miami Wildlife Removal

Bat Removal

Bats in the attic can cause major home & health problems. Bats are primary carrier of rabies, while bat guano can cause significant insulation damage and spread other harmful bacteria. Florida bats can not be removed between April 15 and August 15.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons that have taken residence in your attic can cause significant damage to insulation and structural beams, leave behind large amounts of feces, and in some cases cause water damage from their entry points into your home.


Squirrel Removal

Squirrels enter your home through gaps in siding, soffits, vents, and roofs. Once inside, squirrels gnaw on everything from structures to electrical wires. Electrical fires are said to be the cause of 20% of both home & business fires.


Other Wildlife

No matter what your wildlife removal needs may be, our team employs a professional, compassionate approach, leveraging years of experience to provide the most affordable humane wildlife removal solution for your issue.



We Believe in Humanely Removing & Relocating Wildlife

Our vetted, trained staff is prepared to humanely remove any wildlife that may be taking residence in your home or business.

Our skilled team is adept at safely and humanely evicting many wildlife species, including raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and almost all others. Beyond removal, we also offer preventive solutions to ensure animals don’t revisit your property.


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affordable wildlife removal raccoon trapping service in miami
affordable wildlife removal squirrel trapping service in miami
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Our Humane Wildlife Removal

Step 1 – Schedule Inspection

Call us directly or use the form below to set up your wildlife inspection. Our team will assess your property and determine an action plan for solving your wildlife problem.

Step 2 – Evict & Relocate

Once animal presence has been identified, our team will humanely remove and relocate wildlife. All wildlife handling is done in accordance with Florida state law.

Step 3 – Exclude & Remediate

Animal presence often comes with damage & contamination. Our team will advise you of damage, repair damage, seal entry points, and clean up contaminants like feces and urine.


Community Education & Preservation

As a professional wildlife removal company, we deeply understand the importance of treating our shared environment and its inhabitants with respect and consideration. The humane removal of wildlife is not only an act of compassion but also an essential measure in preserving the delicate balance of nature.

Each animal has a role to play in its ecosystem, and by ensuring their safe removal and rehoming, we ensure the continuity and stability of their habitats. Our approach combines the necessity of public safety with a steadfast commitment to environmental preservation.


What People Say

Jeanne Downing
Jeanne Downing
Best Wildlife removal company in Central Florida!!!!
Wayne Zwegat
Wayne Zwegat
My wife is terrified of raccoons she wanted it removed so I got a hold of Affordable Wildlife Removal unbenounced to my surprise it was living in my attic upon further investigation by the technician thanks to them I have no raccoons in my yard and best part is they're not in our attic anymore destroying our investment from a fire or flood and can't get in after they sealed off my house. 100% Happy Customers
Becky Hemling
Becky Hemling
My husband and I called Affordable Wildlife after realizing that we may have squirrels and rats in our attic! Cyrus came out that day, explained the service, and started the job immediately. AJ, the technician that performed the services was amazing. In fact, everyone from the pleasant woman that answered the phone, to Cyrus, Wayne, and AJ was professional and courteous. We hope we don't need their services in the future, HAHA.., but if we do we will certainly be calling them. We highly recommend this company.
chris defronzo
chris defronzo
Unfortunately, I have had to use Affordable Wildlife Removal several times on a few different properties. They have always been quick to respond and have done a good job for a reasonable cost. They have helped myself and my clients remove lots of rodents like rats, mice, squirrel and they have even gotten opossums out of several houses for me. I have spoken to the owner many times and he has told me stories about snake removal or alligator removal jobs they have done, thankfully I haven't needed either of those services! I think one of the most difficult wild animal removal jobs they have done for me was bat removal for a house that had a large bat infestation and required a lot of time and skill to remove and rehome the bats. AWR also comes in and sanitizes all the affected areas and replaces the insulation, then they will do a full animal exclusion to ensure no animals get back into the property again. They have removed animals for us all over Central Florida, mainly in cities in Orange County like Orlando, Metro West and Pine Hills but I believe they cover most of the state of Florida!
Kenny Carte
Kenny Carte
Hired this company after repeated attempts myself to get rid of raccoons lol. Anyway Cyrus showed up and went to work on an estimate. We decided that he would do the job he started immediately and to my delight the raccoon has left and not returned. scheduled for wednesday to complete the job. will update when it is completed 👍 The work has been completed. All sealed up looks great. I am so glad I called his company. They were very good to work with. They really seem to know what they’re doing. Keep you up-to-date all in all great job.
Jo Warren
Jo Warren
I would highly recommend them --they were thorough and explained all they were doing --took pictures and kept me updated .Got the job done!!
Andrew Preston
Andrew Preston
I had a dead opossum under my deck against the corner of my house. Yordan was awesome. He was courteous and answered every question I had. Great service, great outcome! Highly recommend. Thanks so much!
Chad Croft
Chad Croft
Great job trapping and removing armadillo that was tearing up my yard 2 days after setting traps. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.
ramona potter
ramona potter
Three different employees came with smiles. All were respectful, kind and informative.
Trisha Radmer Jackson
Trisha Radmer Jackson
I am so thankful for these guys. I had a raccoon with distemper in my back yard for several days. They came and got it out with no questions asked. I was also very reassured by the way they talked about what would happen next. I would not hesitate to call them again in the future!

The Affordable Wildlife Difference

Excellence in Wildlife Removal

Do critters leave on their own?

This is a common question we encounter on social media. While animals might eventually leave, there’s no guarantee. Remember, your home offers the best of the best: food, shelter, climate control, and it’s an ideal place to raise offspring. Why would any critter willingly leave?

Here’s the reality: you’re not a landlord to these creatures, so it might be time for an eviction. Patiently waiting for these critters to vacate can lead to significant, costly damage. For instance, squirrels can tear apart electrical wiring, damage drywall, wreck your air conditioning ducts, and, of course, leave droppings everywhere. You don’t want to let damage or contaminants linger.

Therefore, reach out to us for the swift and humane removal of these uninvited guests. We’ll capture and relocate the entire critter family – parents, grandparents, offspring, and (most importantly) even the in-laws – to the vast wilderness of Florida. Rest assured, they’ll be so far from your home, they won’t be able to find their way back.